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Whether you're visiting or a local resident, this is the perfect site to find your ideal place to stay, eat or drink in the beautiful & historical city of York!

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What is 'When in York'?

When In York is a website dedicated to the city of York, allowing you to easily and quickly find a list of hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Plan your perfect weekend break away, find the perfect place to eat whatever the occasions or find the best bars & pubs in York city centre serving great beer, cocktails or gin!

Based on our years of living in the beautiful and historic city of york, we know the places to go! So we want to make it easy for anyone visiting to be able to ensure they get the most from this great city whatever the occasion.

But this site isn't just for visitors! We also wanted to provide a quick and useful reference for local residents to get inspiration on places to drink and dine because it's easy to lose track of the number of restaurants & bars opening!

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